Abstract and keywords

Ritið 2/14 - 2014

Helga Björnsdóttir: “Military chic”: On Militarism and Militarization

The ideology of militarism and the influence of militarization have in recent decades become increasingly prominent in many societies and intimately integrated intolocal cultures. The ideology of militarism and the concept of masculinity are closely related phenomena that share several common elements, which in turn relate to and influence modern ideas of nationalism and national identity. This article focuses on the Icelandic Crisis Response Unit (ICRU) as an example of the local embodiment of militarism. The establishment of the ICRU and its first years in operation coincided with the apex of Iceland’s economic boom years which lasted until the economic crisis of 2008. The article suggests that these two phenomena were components of a shared ideological space that helped to define the then public national image of the country.

Keywords: Militarism, militarization, masculinity, ICRU, national image, „Hernaðarlúkk“

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