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Ritið 2/14 - 2014

Edward H. Huijbens, Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson og Björn Þorsteinsson: Tending to rhizomes Tourism in a new light

This article is based on three presentations from a session devoted to tourism at the annual Humanities Conference at the University of Iceland in spring 2013. The session was advertised under the title: Iceland, Niceland, Disneyland: from ontology to tourism practices and dealt with if, and then how, tourism is changing Icelandic society through marketing representations and developing brands from culture and nature. The article lays the foundations of tourism and tourism practices through monism as articulated through the spatial theorising of the French post-structuralists Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. The article employs a number of metaphors to demonstrate how tourism marketing commercialises Icelandic nature and culture, creating experiences and catering to consumptive desires which at the same time draw inspiration from the very entities commercialised. The article argues that when commercial representations are teased out of the representational abyss that is Icelandic nature and culture negative consequences can ensue distorting our understanding of tourism resources. In response the article suggests that tourism should be cultivated, catering to the innumerable openings that ensue from a rhizomatic understanding of tourism.

Keywords: Iceland, tourism, cultivation, Deleuze, post-structuralism, monism

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