Abstract and keywords

Jóhanna Gunnlaugsdóttir: Computer culture and internet use for private reasons during working hours
Social media (SM) „enables interactions between people through the use of such features as personal profiles, blogs [and] content sharing“ whenever they choose. Many organizations have open access to SM and employees have access to such tools during working hours and sometimes use it for private reasons. The objectives of the study presented were to find out: which kinds of SM were used, whether organizations
allowed open access to SM, whether the respondents used SM for private reasons during working hours, how much time they devoted to such use, and what was the attitude of managers and the employees themselves towards such use. The study was undertaken during 2013–2014 using a questionnaire survey that was conducted by telephone and also over the internet. To add a third dimension to the study open-ended interviews with a select group were taken. The main findings were that the majority of the respondents used Facebook, the majority of the organizations
allowed open access to SM and about a half of the respondents took advantage of SM for personal use during working hours. Employees used a considerable part of their working hours for personal use of SM. The majority of respondents were of the opinion that managers objected to the use of SM during working hours but an even larger majority believed that such use by their own was unacceptable.
Keywords: social media, Facebook, internet, internet use, human resource management, human behaviour.
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