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Ritið 3/15 - 2015

Njörður Sigurjónsson: The Noise of the Pots and Pans Revolution

The protests and demonstrations following the banking crisis in Iceland in 2008 were a noisy affair. Particularly the events in front of the Parliament House in January 2009, which came to be known as the “pots and pans revolution” for rhythmic beating of utensils that characterised the demonstrations. The repeated chanting of “vanhæf ríkisstjórn” (“incompetent government”) which went to the syncopatic rhythm of I I III, filled the square in front of the Althingi for days and ended with the centre-right government to resign and call for an election, a unique event in the country’s political history. In the years following, there has been a debate on what actually happened and what the demonstrations achieved. This paper gives an overview of the sound events and discusses the implications of the noise.

Keywords: sound culture, noise, pots and pans revolution, protests, financial crisis.

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