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Ritið 1/13 - 2013

Eyja Margrét Brynjarsdóttir: Is Philosophy Misogynistic?

Philosophy deviates from other humanistic disciplines by its low proportion of women. Because of this, philosophy has sometimes been claimed to be misogynistic. Such a proposition can mean various things: for example that something about the philosophical community has a deterring effect on women, that philosophers are disproportionately liable to act in misogynistic ways, that the methods of philosophy are less suitable for women than for men, or that philosophy as a discipline is inherently misogynistic. In this paper, I consider in what ways philosophy can be considered misogynistic, mainly with the aim of finding the sources of the low numbers of women in philosophy in hope of finding ways to alleviate the problem. I reject the idea that philosophy is inherently misogynistic but mention several factors that contribute to deterring women from practicing philosophy and make it difficult for them to get their bearings within the field.

Keywords: philosophy, women, misogyny, methodology, equal rights

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