Abstract and keywords

Ritið 1/12 - 2012

Ann-Sofie Nielsen Gremaud: Iceland as a Place of Otherness. Crypto-Colonial and Heterotopical Perspectives in Imagery from the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair

This article approaches a characterization of the dynamics of the way Iceland is represented at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair. The main focus being on appearances of the heritage of earlier temporal and spatial modes of representing the country in Europe. The representation of Iceland under the headline Sagenhaftes Island – Fabulous Iceland – has reminiscense of temporal og spatial forms of imagination that are shaped by centuries of reciprocal identity imagination. Iceland’s depiction as a place of otherness is discussed through theories of alternative spaces, such as that of Foucault’s heteropias, and of critical analysis of eurocentric spatio-temporal imagination. Examples of images and textual descriptions published in the context of the book fair are compared to investigate the relation between external and internal depictions. One formulated goal has been to use the book fair to create a new image of Iceland after the crisis. This article asks whether the image created is actually new.

Keywords: Frankfurt Book Fair, heterotopia, crypto-colonialism, imagology, nation branding

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