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Ritið 3/11 - 2011

Sólveig Anna Bóasdóttir: Climate Changes in Theology. Alternative Notions of God in Christian Ecofeminist Theology

The discourse on environment, nature and global warming is as vital in Christian theology as any other disciplines. Theologians have largely adapted Lynn White’s statements who argued that Christianity is more anthropocentric than other religions, and that this results in worse treatment of Nature in the Christian part than in other parts of the world with other religions. The topic of this article is the contribution of ecofeminist theologians, especially one of its pioneers Sallie McFague. She has proposed an interesting theological model where she tries to reinterpret Christian icons in order to get a new vision of nature and the situation of Man in the universe. The main question of this article is whether radical ecofeminist theology and the biocentric ethic of McFague, in any way, threathens the dignity and well-being of humanity. The author’s conclusion is that such is not the case: McFague succeeds in guarding the dignity and value of Man and therefore her ecofeministic theology is of vital interest to contemporary Western societies.

Keywords: ecofeminism, ecofeminist theology, Christian ethics, view of man, anthropocentrism, biocentrism, view of nature, view of God.

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