Abstract and keywords

Ritið 3/11 - 2011

Stefán Snævarr: Method and Refutation

The article is about a collection of essays by Karl Popper in Icelandic translation, Of Clouds and Clocks. Popper is presented in few words and the contention that he was a neo-liberal is refuted. Then his philosophy of science is discussed, in light of what the author calls “the standard criticism of Popper”. The author agrees with the bulk of that criticism and adds some points of his own. In contrast to what Popper thought, informed judgement is the only game in scientific town.

Keywords: Popper, Of Clouds and Clocks, neo-liberalism, philosophy of science, methods of science, refutation, conjecture, positivism, Thomas Kuhn, Imre Lakatos, pseudo-science, informed judgement

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