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Ritið 2/13 - 2013

Svavar Steinarr Guðmundsson: When Brothers Fall. On the Geezers Þórður Sigtryggsson and Tómas Jónsson

Þórður Sigtryggsson (1890–1965) left behind a draft of a manuscript when he passed away at the age of seventy five. Þórður had worked on the manuscript, titled Mennt er máttur: Tilraunir með dramb og hroka (Education is Power: Experiments with Pride and Hubris), with the help of his good friend and writer Elías Mar, who later finished it after Þórður’s death. Þórður’s radical attitude and criticism of Icelandic society and culture places him in part with the post-war and ’68 generation. Moreover, the manuscript resembles one of the most groundbreaking Icelandic novels of the 1960’s, Tómas Jónsson: metsölubók (Tómas Jónsson: Bestseller) by the novelist Guðbergur Bergsson. When the manuscript and the novel are compared, it becomes evident that not only are both of them aimed at the T. of C. gen, but also that they show how two individuals of the same generation react differently to a modern society. The resemblance between the two works is also so apparent that it is inevitable to ask whether Guðbergur was deeply inspired by the manuscript whilst writing his novel.

Keywords: Þórður Sigtryggsson, Mennt er máttur. Tilraunir með dramb og hroka, Guðbergur Bergsson, Tómas Jónsson: metsölubók, Elías Mar, Icelandic modern literature

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