Abstract and keywords

Tinna Grétarsdóttir: Between Museums: “conquering” with art(work)
In this article the author addresses the increasing flow of museum’s objects, including artworks, outside of museums which takes place when they are sold, given, exchanged, or returned. The article explores in this context the sculpture “The First White Mother in America” by one of Iceland’s renown artist, Ás-mundur Sveinsson. The sculpture was presented as a gift from the Icelandic people in the year 2000 to the Canadian Nation, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The presentation of Sveinsson’s sculpture is theoretically addressed as a site of interconnected social space where the work of transnational practices and identity construction take place. The gift giving ceremony of the sculpture can be seen as an unveiling of national politics that mediates identities, histories, nation-branding and reformed political and economic conditions in Iceland. These conditions hold hands with re-imagined nationalized accounts of Icelandic identity and society reflected in the discourse of *útrás* and the reconfigurations of the margins of the neoliberal Icelandic state.
Keywords: museums, art, transnationalism, neoliberalism, útrás (conquest).
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