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Katla Kjartansdóttir: A twinge of protest in the bosom of the Nation
In this article the author deals with the political and cultural role of various Icelandic museums in present times. National museums, and other cultural museums, around the world have been facing a problem in post-national / post-modern times and Iceland is no exception. Their role can no longer be seen mainly in relation to nation-building processes and the sustaining of national identities. Through the ages national museums have often served as a shrine of “national treasures” and the so-called cultural heritage of the nation. The focus has mainly been on “very important men”, war victories and other valorizing aspects of national history. Recent theories in museology have criticized this role and increasingly emphasized that museums need to take more part in various contemporary and often highly political and controversial themes.
Keywords: museums, national identity, resistance, cultural heritage, visual culture.
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