Abstract and keywords

Ritið 2/13 - 2013

Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir: “Memory is always at work”: on the formation of memories and self in Sigurður Pálsson’s Minnisbók and Bernskubók

This essay focuses on the memoirs of Sigurður Pálsson, Minnisbók and Bernskubók, with the aid of theories of neurologists and literary critics on memory, self, and narrative. The origins and formation of autobiographical narrative are examined as well as its role in the development of self and identity. The close relationship between memory and narrative is analysed, and how identity establishes itself in this relationship. It is also emphasised that autobiographical narrative is not only influenced by biological factors but by a number of literary influences as well.

Keywords: Autobiography, memory, narrative, Sigurður Pálsson

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