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Jón Thoroddsen: An interpretation of Terra nostra by Carlos Fuentes
The aim of this article is to give a thematic overview of the novel Terra nostra by the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes. This is a very complicated novel, and sometimes deliberately confusing so any effort to gauge a meaning from it will of course be debated. The main thesis here is that it is possible to unlock the aforesaid meaning by looking at the way Fuentes uses the contrary viewpoints of myth and history to fertilise each other so as to make the novel something more than each of these viewpoints has to offer by itself. The article’s main contribution to literary studies on Fuentes works is to argue that he manages by this combination to give modern times its sorely wanted myth where tradition and an open future have taken each other on in various shapes. This gives the reader of the novel an invaluable key to take on his own tradition and give it a vigorous rereading.
Keywords: Fuentes, Terra nostra, modern myth, Spanish history, tradition
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