Association of doctoral candidates

Rules of the Association of doctoral candidates in the School of Humanities at the University of Iceland


Article 1.
The name of the Association is “Félag doktorsnema á Hugvísindasviði Háskóla Íslands”.

Article 2.
Its domicile and legal venue is the University of Iceland.

Article 3.
The object of the Association is to safeguard the interest of doctoral candidates in the School of Humanities, disseminate information to its members, appoint representatives onto the Schools administrative and academic boards and committees, and to promote social activities among doctoral candidates within the School of Humanities.

Article 4.
The Association will achieve its objective by monitoring issues of vital interests to doctoral candidates at all times and stay informed on the status of all boards and committees where doctoral candidates are represented in addition to holding regular meetings and organizing social functions for its members.

Article 5.
Founding members are registered PhD. students in the University of Iceland’s School of Humanities in 2006.

Article 6. 
Members are all doctoral candidates in the University of Iceland’s School of Humanities, unless they wish to be exempt.

Article 7.
The Association’s Board of Directors shall be composed of three members. Directors are elected to the Board for a term of one year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Elected Board members allocate the offices of chairman, treasurer, and secretary at the first Board Meeting of their term. The Chairman calls the Board to meetings when he deems it necessary. The AGM shall also elect two examiners of accounts.

The day-to-day business is in the hand of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors as a single body hold the power of attorney.

Article 8.
The operating year is from the 1st of July until the 30th of June. At the AGM the accounts and activities of the Association for the past year are submitted by the Board of Directors. Only members of the Association are permitted to attend the AGM.

Article 9.
The AGM is to be held before December 10th each year. The Agenda of the AGM must include.

  1. Annual Report of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Accounts of the operating year.
  3. Elections.
    1. Board.
    2. Examiners of accounts.
  4. Other issues.

Article 10.
Members do not pay membership fees but the Board of Directors shall seek out grants to finance the operations of the Association as needed.

Article 11. 
Should the Association make any financial gain from its operations it is to be used to strengthen the social bonds among its members and other projects in accordance to both its stated objectives in article 3 of this constitution and the decisions of the Board of Directors and the AGM.

Article 12.
In the event that the Association is wound up, its assets shall be transferred to the University of Iceland’s Association of Doctoral Students and Doctoral Graduates (FeDoN). A decision to wind up the Association shall be taken by a simple majority vote at an AGM.

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