Bergljót Soffía Kristjánsdóttir: Abstracts and keywords

Ritið 1/15 - 2015

Bergljót Kristjánsdóttir: „vegir sem stefna […] beint út í hafsauga“
On Humor and Irony and three Poems by Sigfús Daðason
The article introduces various ideas – mostly from cognitive scientists – about
humour and irony and emphasizes that both are cognitive processes that affect
everyday language as well as literary texts. It is argued that by using humour and
irony, people deviate from a network of ideas that are conventional within a certain
group or community in favour of other ideas that clash with the former ones, tear
them down, ridicule them or display their deficiencies. This is followed by a discussion
of humour and irony in three poems by Sigfús Daðason, two of which are from
the collection Hendur og orð (III and XVI) and one from Og hugleiða steina (I from
Part Two). It is explained what Sigfús Daðason’s humour and irony is aimed at, and
known conceptual metaphors, the sublime and blending are discussed, among other
things. The discussion touches upon Daðason’s and others writing on colonial issues,
surrealist manifestos, recent ideas on empathy and Wordsworth’s Prelude.
Finally, the term ‘modernist’ – a label frequently applied to Daðason – is addressed,
along with his own stance towards it, and consequently humour and realism are
briefly discussed.
Keywords: Humor – irony – cognitive science – poetry – Sigfús Daðason
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