The Centre for Research in the Humanities offers facilities to PhD students in the School of Humanities in an open space on the top floor in Gimli and in Veröld. It has a number of workstations with an access to a printer and photocopier. Use of the facilities is free of charge, but to be eligible PhD students must be registered as full time students with the university and must make proper use of the facilities.


Further information and regulations:

In granting access to the facilities the length of time that an applicant has waited is taken into account (i.e. how long since the application was received).

PhD students are granted access to the facilities in Gimli and Veröld through the Centre for Research in the Humanities as soon as a place becomes available and for one year at a time unless their project is completed before the year is out. Access is extended annually unless there are reasons against it, e.g. if the facilities are not used according to the regulations. It is understood that PhD research and related work are the equivalent of full time employment, which will be undertaken in large part in Gimli, at least 20 hours per week. If there is a waiting list for a desk the Centre for Research in the Humanities reserves the right to revoke access from those who have made little use of the facilities (less than 20 hours per week) with four week‘s notice without warning and have them vacate their work station and return the keys. They can then enter the waiting list anew and have another opportunity to demonstrate their need.

PhD students must be enrolled as full time students and vacate their work station no later than October 1 if they have not paid the registration fee for the academic year.

Since the facilities are within an open space, it is necessary to behave with appropriate consideration to others. When one no longer has need for the facilities one must vacate the space even if the period is not finished and return the keys.

Those who temporarily do not need the use of their reserved study facilities, such as when travelling abroad, must notify the facility provost [Guðrún or Ingunn] if their absence is expected to last two weeks or more, and clear out their desk plus associated storage so that another student can use the facilities in the interim. If the absence is for 8 months or more, however, they must cancel their study desk reservation, clear out the desk and return the keys. An application for a new study desk may be filed once the student returns. Absence for two months without informing the provost is interpreted as a resignation.

It is normally expected that the total period of use is not longer than about four years, but this depends on how the facilities are used and how the program of study progresses.

Application form.

Guðrún Steinþórsdóttir is working for the Centre as a provost in Gimli and Ingunn Hreinberg in Veröld.
Those who prefer a space in Gimli should send the application to Guðrún, gus26@hi.is, with Cc to The Centre for Research in the Humanities, hugvis@hi.is.
Those who prefer a space in Veröld should send the application to Ingunn, ingunn@hi.is, with Cc to The Centre for Research in the Humanities, hugvis@hi.is.

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