Gústav Adolf Bergmann Sigurbjörnsson

Tölvupóstfang: gab3@hi.is


Doktorsnám: Heimspeki


Leiðbeinandi: Björn Þorsteinsson


Heiti doktorsverkefnis: Worlds beyond mine: A phenomenological analysis of the epistemology of empathy and communication



Um doktorsverkefnið:


This project will critically examine the philosophical foundation for understanding empathy and communicational issues from a phenomenological and social epistemological perspective. In addition, traditional approaches to these issues will be informed with the ideas and insight that can be gleaned from research in feminist theory and from theories of power relations.


Firstly, this project will revolve around the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, primarily on his later works. His concept of the lifeworld (Lebenswelt) will be revaluated and put into innovative contexts. An exploration of the concepts of homeworld (Heimwelt) and alienworld (Fremdenwelt) will become a focal point. The conceptual binary of normality/abnormality as well as Husserl’s notion of tradition will also be analysed.


Secondly, I will use these phenomenological foundations to explore the field of social epistemology. Here the primary focus will be on the works of Miranda Fricker and on what she has coined hermeneutical lacunas. I will explore her approach to hermeneutical issues concerning experiential realities that do not seem to fit into the reality of the rest of the community, especially the experiential realities of the underrepresented. 


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