Kjartan Már Ómarsson: Abstracts and keywords

Ritið 1/15 - 2015

Kjartan Már Ómarsson: The lost son. On the monument of Leifur the lucky Eiríksson

The article explores the monument of Leifur Eiríksson in a culturohistorical context. The question is posed whether he is a relevant cultural index or if he is just an empty vessel, a signifier without a signified. It is argued that even though the agents of knowledge and culture in Iceland made Leifur their poster boy it could be based on a misunderstanding. Also, it is argued that the Leifur the lucky monument, presented as a gift from the US to the Icelandic people in 1931 can be viewed as a symbolic act, symbolizing the cultural colonization of the Icelandic people. 

Keywords: Leifur the lucky, Skólavörðuholt, Urban planning, Culturepolitics, National identity, USA

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