Meghan Anne Korten



Doktorsnám: Sagnfræði


Leiðbeinandi: Sverrir Jakobsson


Heiti doktorsverkefnis: Vaðmál, Gender, and Cloth Trade in Medieval Iceland




Um doktorsverkefnið:


This project will examine the textile vaðmál in order to gain insight into gender roles in textile production in medieval Icelandic society, using vaðmál as a tool to understand how gender was formed and practiced in this medieval society. Based upon textual and archaeological resources, the outcome of this project is intended to recast the role of women, particularly the Icelandic housewife, in order to demonstrate how gender relations in the medieval work realm were less separated than they were complementary and interconnected. Through the application of gender theory to the study of the production and use of vaðmál, it will be evident that these Norse settlers were able to survive in this new land by utilizing the labour force and skills of both genders to adapt this traditional type of cloth into a quasi- national cottage industry which helped ensure the country’s economic survival.


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