Printing doctoral theses

Printing doctoral theses

At the end of their doctoral studies, the doctoral candidate submits their dissertation twice to the department:

1.      Manuscript: When the doctoral committee considers the dissertation ready for defense, an electronic copy (pdf) should be submitted to the department. If the opponents ask for physical copies the doctoral candidate will be contacted. See more information below.

2.      Final version: Once the opponents consider the dissertation ready for doctoral defense, and the specifics of said defense have been decided on, the thesis should be delivered its final form. Please note that due to new rules from November 2019 the School of Humanities no longer needs printed copies. Please contact María Gestsdóttir,, for further information.

For further details on preparation and format of the dissertation, see below.



The information below are no longer valid. We are working on new information. Please contact María Gestsdóttir,, for further information.

The Centre for Research in the Humanities pays for the printing of those copies (10-15) designated for the University and The Centre for Research in the Humanities. These copies go to opponents, the doctoral committee, the faculty and the National and University Library of Iceland. The doctoral candidate must deliver these copies to The Centre once they've been printed, after which The Centre takes care of their distribution.

Note that The Centre for Research in the Humanities will only pay for the printing if the project manager has been duly notified in advance, the formatting of the cover, title page and copyright page are in exact accordance with official requirements, and the manuscript itself generally adheres to the accepted format and/or guidelines; though we stress that rigid adherence for the manuscript is not necessary.


Instructions on preparation for submission and printing

Manuscript submission

Once a doctoral candidate has completed the dissertation and the doctoral studies committee considers it ready for defense, an electronic copy in PDF format must be submitted to the faculty (to María Gestsdóttir, This is detailed in the regulation on doctoral degrees within the School of Humanities.

The manuscript should be neatly formatted in size A4, and must contain all chapters and discussion that the regulation stipulates. Its contents should have been thoroughly proofread. This manuscript will be provided to the opponents. The doctoral candidate must add two printed copies it the opponents find it necessary.  

Below you find a template in A4 size which you may use, if you wish, with a manuscript being submitted for review. Please note that this template is not intended for any other use, including the dissertation's final version.

Cover in A4-size


The thesis's final version

Once the opponents consider the dissertation ready for doctoral defense, its final version will be printed, commonly with some adjustments suggested or required by the opponents. No other adjustments or changes are allowed once a dissertation has been submitted for review.


The final version should be printed in size B5 (86% of size A4). The easiest option is to reduce a regular A4 document down to this size during printing. The dissertation may also be reformatted to a B5 size, though be warned that this can involve a notable amount of work. Under all normal circumstances, The Centre for Research in the Humanities recommends you simply shrink an A4 document down to size, and the instructions we provide assume you have chosen this option.


Formatting of the dissertation's final printed form

Cover: The cover format should be followed precisely. You will find each department's cover template at the Háskólaprent company, with a choice between Icelandic and English versions. Care should be taken to list the correct faculty, and to use the same language on the cover as in the manuscript itself. Those who wish to print the final form of their thesis elsewhere than Háskólaprent are asked to contact The Centre for Research in the Humanities ( Please note that the cover is stored as a separate file, and that your thesis file should begin with the title page.


The manuscript should be formatted for A4 size printing in such a way that it may be reduced to 86% of its original size without any issues in appearance or contents. Type size, line spacing and indentation should be kept in mind. The Centre's formatting instructions contain a wealth of useful information on preparation for print, and it is important that doctoral candidates review them. They include a template for the title and copyright pages (page 2) which should be followed exactly. The instructions may be found here.

Those who have limited experience with word processing are encouraged to contact the School of Humanities Writing Center, Ritver.

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