Ritið 2/16

Ritið 2/16 - 2016

Gunnar Theodór Eggertsson

„Animal passions“ is based on the author’s research regarding animal ethics in general, which indirectly brought him to the path of bestiality from an ethical point of view. The article presents an overview of bestiality and animal-related pornography which has generally been given little attention. A special emphasis is on animal ethics, as the work attempts to discuss differing sides to this complicated matter in order to shed some light on this little known subgenre of porn. The first part looks at the way animal ethics has examined bestiality, particularly in connection with utilitarian and animal ethicist Peter Singer’s famous and controversial article from 2001. The latter half looks at on-line bestiality porn, which species are most common and how they are presented. Together the two halves are united by ideas regarding animal domestication in general and examined bestiality porn as an extention of the systematic exploitation of animal bodies by society,

Keywords: animals, pornography, bestiality, animal studies, animal ethics, philosophy, gender studies, sex studies
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