Ritið 2/17

Ritið 2/17 - 2017

Guðrún Elsa Bragadóttir: Gender Trouble and Head-On Collisions Psychoanalysis and Queer Theory

In recent decades, important rereading of canonical psychoanalytic texts has taken place within the fields of both psychoanalysis and queer theory. This work started with Judith Butler’s seminal book, Gender Trouble, where she begins her project of revising psychoanalytic theory from a queer perspective. This article explores the ways Butler draws on psychoanalysis in her works, mainly the theories of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan, and discusses the critique put forward by psychoanalytic scholars such as Tim Dean, Patricia Gherovici and Shanna Carlson. The question driving the article is how psychoanalysis is, or can be, important for queer theory and vice versa. This question is addressed in the context of Butler’s works and the scholarship it has given rise to, which has provided a variety of possibilities for thinking about psychoanalysis in a queer world.

Key words: queer theory, psychoanalysis, Judith Butler, trans, sex/gender


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