Ritið 2/17

Ritið 2/17 - 2017

Guðrún Steinþórsdóttir: „like a fairy tale“ or a „glossy image of horror“? Thoughts about readers’ reaction towards Frá ljósi til ljóss

This article examines the findings of a qualitative research where the aim was to gat- her information about readers’ reaction, especially emotional reaction and empathy, towards the novel Frá ljósi til ljóss (e. From light to light) (2001) by Vigdís Grímsdóttir. In a group interview a focus group talked about how they experienced the book. One of the most interesting findings was that some participants found the story to be a beautiful love story and compared it to a fairy tale while others found it to be a horror story. An attempt will be made to explain these different kinds of reaction by using methods from cognitive science. To explore the reception further there will be a discussion about how the book was reviewed and the article will end with an interpretation and analysis on some aspects of the story.
Keywords: From light to light, qualitative research, emotional reaction, cognitive science, reception
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