Ritið 3/16

Ritið 3/16 - 2016

Guðrún Steinþórsdóttir: „Of all the pain and suffering Svartapísl is the worst because she eats the soul“

This article examines how the author Málfríður Einarsdóttir describes her illness, especially depression, in her second book, Úr sálarkirnunni. Metaphores plays a large role in her descriptions of diease and pain. She often uses war metaphores and sometimes personifies her illness. This article is focused on her description of Svörtupísl (her depression) and how Málfríður uses humor and irony as a counterpoint to the seriousness of the story and to get the reader thinking. This analysis is based on methods from cognitive science.

Keywords: Irony, depression, metaphores, cognitive science, Málfríður Einarsdóttir

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