Roberto Pagani



Doktorsnám: Íslensk málfræði


Leiðbeinandi: Haraldur Bernharðsson


Heiti doktorsverkefnis: A Study in Scribal Practice in 15th Century Iceland


Um doktorsverkefnið:


My research projects revolves around the study of the Icelandic script in the 15th century, a so called "stagnation period" in which not many innovation are traditionally seen as having taken place. The purpose of my research is to track down the changes that can be seen starting from the very end of the 14th century until the end of the 15th, and identify patterns and trends in the development, trying to trace parallels with other European traditions and perhaps identify hands and potential centres of innovation. My hope is that the results of this project will provide a valuable contribution to the study of the Icelandic manuscript tradition in a period that has been often neglected.


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