Vera Knútsdóttir



Doktorsnám: Almenn bókmenntafræði


Leiðbeinandi: Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir


Heiti doktorsverkefnis: Spectralities in Icelandic Cultural Memory




Um doktorsverkefnið: 


The aim of the research is to explore from an interdisciplinary perspective spectralities and haunting in the context of cultural memory as it manifests itself in contemporary Icelandic literary texts, works of art, and urban spaces in Reykjavík. The objective is to analyse how narratives of ghosts and specters often serve to reflect memories that have been silenced, forgotten or repressed, and vice versa; how forgotten, silenced and repressed memories acquire a spectral presence in cultural memory. Combining theories of cultural memory with theories on spectralities, emphasizes the dynamics of cultural memory, which is simultaneously characterized by remembering and forgetting, and under constant renovation, revision, and recycling. The position of spectral reading allows the analysis of objects that rely on different media and the research presents three categories of case studies. Textual spectrality focuses on spectral presences in literary texts, from fiction to autobiography; visual spectrality looks at how the photograph is used to explore hauntings of the past; and spatial spectrality analyses the relationship between spectral memories and space. 


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